• BDS 6" 4-Link Lift Kit - Ford F250/F350 4WD

BDS 6" 4-Link Lift Kit for 2008-2010 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty

  • $2,315.41

BDS Suspension 6" 4-Link Suspension Lift Kit for 2008-2010 Ford F250/F350 4WD pickup trucks.
This kit includes two 6" Pro-Ride Coil Springs. This full replacement four link system is centered around 4 massive control arms featuring greasable ends. The 4-link system reduces caster change through wheel travel creating a more controlled feel both on and off road.
The kit also comes with a new steering stabilizer, anti-sway bar drop brackets, a dropped pitman arm for steering angle correction, a track bar relocation bracket to properly center your axle and bump stop extension. The rear is lifted via a 5" block kit or full replacement leaf spring options.

Choose between gas and diesel configurations.

Note: Components displayed in images may change based upon selections.

1. Removal of the factory block is required.
2. Installation of the rear block kit will result in a "pre-runner" look with the rear of the vehicle 2" lower than the front. To get a level stance you must upgrade to the rear leaf spring option.
3. These trucks were manufactured with and without top mounted overload springs on the rear leaf springs. A top mounted overload is an extra leaf separate from the pack that set above the main leaf. You will need to identify which you have before ordering.
4. If your vehicle is equipped with a carrier bearing, you will need to order 123402 in the options section.
5. Although extremely rare, front driveline vibration may occur.
6. Front exhaust modification may be required to clear the front driveshaft on gas models.
7. U-bolts will not fit dually models.
8. Dropped pitman arm will not fit 10 lug wide track F350 models.
9. BDS coil springs are custom rated for either a diesel or gas motor. Please select your engine type.

Lift Height
Front (Base Kit): 6 in 4-Link
Rear (Base Kit): 3 in Block Kit

Tire and Wheel Combinations
37" x 13.50" with 17 x 9 and 4.5" backspacing
37" x 13.50" with 18 x 9 and 4.5" backspacing
37" x 13.50" with 20 x 9 and 4.5" backspacing
*Trimming may be required* 

Make Model Year Range
Ford F250/F350 Super Duty 2008-2010

Difficulty Level (1 easy – 5 complicated): 3
Estimated Installation Time (hours): 8

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Qty Part# Description
(1) 013010 05-up F250,350 4-link Box Kit 1 Of 2
(1) 013519 05-up F250/350 5in Rear W/o Ovld
(1) 013613 08 Superduty 6 In 4-link
(1) 033611 05-up Superduty 6 In Diesel Coils
(1) 85415 NX² Steering Stabilizer
(2) 85750 NX² Shock Absorber
(2) 85760 BDS NX2 Shock Absorber

*Subject to change based upon selections

No Fine Print Warranty
BDS stands behind its products and that’s evident by their No Fine Print Warranty. This no-BS warranty protects the original purchaser against breakage, bending, sagging, or any other usage failure. This “no fine print” lifetime replacement warranty extends to cover all BDS hard parts as well as bushings. Exclusions would be product finish and wearable items such as shock/stabilizer cylinders, tie rod ends and ball joints that would fall under the separate Limited Lifetime Warranty policy. Beginning February 1, 2020 all new kit purchases include the No Fine Print Warranty on bushings.

Limited Lifetime Warranty (for wearable items)
Wearable items include shock/steering stabilizer cylinders, ball joints and tie rod ends. BDS Suspension Co. warrants to the original retail purchaser that its these wearable parts are free from defects in material and workmanship for so long as they own the vehicle. Excluded from this warranty are the finish of the product. Defects in material and workmanship do not include such things as dented cylinders or bent rods caused by obvious side impact, rust or corrosion. A shock absorber is a wear item and over time will experience diminished damping resistance due to normal component wear. This is not a defect in material or workmanship and is therefore not warrantable.